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Tips & Tricks
This is where I will post any tips or tricks that I know to be accurate.
Defeating dome light after doors are removed
Remove the glove box. Fuse #4 will be a Door Switch Defeat fuse. Remove this 10 amp fuse and the dome light will go off. At the same time you will be defeating the alarms that let you know your lights are on and that your keys are in the ignition.

You can still use the dome light by manually turning it on.

Fuse panel behind glovebox
Home made T-case lowering
I made this lowering kit after having installed the ProComp T-case lowering kit. The ProComp kit drops the T-case by 1.5". When dropping it this far it really binds the T-case shifting lever linkage and causes it to be hard to get into 2nd gear or Reverse. I found with this 1" drop it takes the binding off the linkage, no problem with getting into gears, and still alleviated the driveline vibration.

Steel tubes for t-case lowering prior to painting

Tools needed:

Hacksaw or dremel tool w/cutting discs.

6 grade 8 steel bolts 1.75" longer than the stock t-case skid plate bolts. Remove one of the bolts to do this so you make sure you get the right threading and length. (purchase at Lowes Hardware)

6 one inch diameter washers that the bolts will go through. Recommend some of the hardened washers. (Purchase at Lowes)

Lowes Hardware store sells 1" steel square tubing in preset lengths. Buy one of these. I believe they are two feet long.

JB Weld

Can of paint primer and black paint (recommend enamel it's a little tougher)


Cut 3 pieces of the tube 6.5" long and one at 4.75" long.

Primer and paint each one of these pieces inside and out. They rust up fast otherwise.

Place a jack under the skid plate and now loosen all the bolts. Once all the bolts are loose work on one side at a time. We''ll start with the passenger side. Remove all 3 bolts from one side. Now put washers on 3 of the bolts and start them back into the skid plate/frame. Place one 6.5" tube between the front two bolts and the 4.75" between the rear two bolts. Now start to tighten the bolts and close up the gap. Once the tubes start to make contact ensure that the tubes are between the grommets in the frame that the bolts go into. When you are sure of the placement, tighten down.

Repeat for the other side.

Once both sides are done, chip away some paint/primer at two corner points (skid and tube) where the tube contacts the skid. Take a small dab of JB Weld to each one of these spots. When cured do a quick primer/paint shot to cover it. The reason I do this is just for that extra bit of security and if I have to lower the t-case I don't have to realign them. If you ever need to remove the tubes just wack them with a hammer.

Field testing:

So far I have bashed the bottom of my skid plate and dented it with no damage to the tubing. I have also high centered (hard landing) with no damage to the tubes.

Poor Man's Airdown Clamp
For those not wanting to spend the $10 for the screw-on air down device, here is a cheap way to go. Depending on what you have available around the house/garage, this will cost you anywhere from $0 to $1.25 total.

(click image)

So here is what you will need:

  • 1 medium size foldover clamp style paper clip
  • 1 screw, phillips or flat(8-32X 1/2 purchased at Lowes Hardware #113812
  • 2 nuts (8-32 purchased at Lowes Hardware #314313)
Now to build it:

  • Drill one 11/64 hole through the center of the clamping paper clip. If you don't have this drill bit size, then use the drill bit you have available that is just bigger than the screw.
  • Put one nut onto the screw and tighten against the head of the screw.
  • Slip the screw through the hole on the clamp. The head of the screw will be on the outside.
  • Place the other nut on the screw and tighten.
Now just remove the valve stem cap and clamp it on with the screw pressing the valve stem needle in.

Because of different length valve stems it may be necessary to use a longer 8-32X 3/4 screw on short valve stems. Use the two nuts to adjust the amount of screw inside the clamping paper clip for the right length.

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